About Us

A Little about Me...
Hi, my name is Vicki Plaisier and I was born and raised on a farm in southern Manitoba. From a very young age, I had an interest in crafting, using items such as weeds and wildflowers found around the farm. The firestarters that you find here, are all a labour of love. I enjoy creating things and take pride in ensuring top quality, aesthetically pleasing products. Nothing less than perfection is good enough.

Our Floral Designs is a natural creation of a beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind, cone-shaped firestarters. People often comment it is far too beautiful to burn and these end up sitting on the mantle for long periods of time, before using. My raw products come from areas like Clear Lake, Lake Winnipeg, Brandon Hills, Neepawa/Minnedosa and at home here in Grande Pointe. All hand picked and hand made. Makes a perfect gift for those who are difficult to buy for. Often paired with a bottle of Wine for attending outdoor fires, etc.There had to be an easier way to light and keep it going and that is where the Pinecone Firestarter was created. It is made of 100% natural, renewable products, natural soy wax and burns continually for 20- 30 minutes allowing the wood to always catch fire properly.

How it all got started:
The idea to make firestarters came when I was having difficulty starting a fire in the fireplace at the cabin and I figured there had to be an easier, all-natural method. After researching alternatives, my journey began. My friends and family tested my products and provided feedback, which has resulted in the great products I sell today.

I walk for hours, picking plants from bushes, ditches, and shorelines, then hang them to dry. Many of my firestarters include Manitoba wheat sheaths proudly grown on the family farm, now run by my brother and sister-in-law. Friends and family pick pinecones when they come across them and bring them to me, to add to the firestarters as well. All the products found on my website can be used per personal use, corporate events, anniversary/BBQ parties.

Feel free to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to see my many updates, upcoming markets, and new stores that sell my products.

You can also find us in the following retail locations:


  • Generation Green
  • Lacoste Garden Center
  • The Locals Wpg
  • FortWhyte Alive
  • Fromagerie Bothwell
  • Sobeys, Sage Creek, MB
  • CAA Manitoba

Southern Manitoba

  • Fleuriste XO Flowers & Gifts, Ile Des Chenes, MB
  • The Community General Store, Niverville, MB
  • Co-op Gas Bar, Winkler
  • Co-op Gas Bar, Morden, MB
  • Co-op Gas Bar, Diner and Card Lock, Plum Coulee, MB
  • Winkler Co-op Truck & Travel Centre, Winkler, MB
  • Freedom Foods, Landmark, MB
  • J'em Bistro,  St. Malo, MB
  • Grunthal Co-op, Grunthal, MB
  • South Junction Co-op, South Junction, MB
  • Mitchell Co-op, Mitchell, MB
  • Clearview Coop
  • Coop Gas Bar, St-Pierre-Jolys, MB

Western Manitoba

  • Lady of the Lake, Brandon, MB
  • Mainly Manitoba, Onanole, MB
  • Woods General Store, Onanole, MB
  • Poor Michael's Emporium, Onanole, MB
  • Mainly Manitoba, Onanole, MB
  • Farmhouse 50, Minnedosa, MB
  • Old September, Gilbert Plains, MB
  • Sobeys, Brandon south, MB

Eastern/Northern Manitoba

  • Winnipeg River Heritage Museum, St-Georges, MB
  • Bird’s Hill Park Campground Store, Bird’s Hill Park Campground, MB
  • Saffies General Store, Albert Beach, MB
  • Stone Creek Co-op, Steinbach, MB
  • Brandt St. Co-op, Steinbach, MB
  • East End Co-op, Steinbach, MB
  • Ste. Anne Co-op, Ste. Anne, MB
  • Lorette Co-op Gas Bar, Lorette, MB
  • Isle Des Chenes Co-op, Isle Des Chenes, MB
  • Vita Co-op, Vita, MB
  • Freedom Foods, Landmark, MB
  • Sobeys, Steinbach
  • Timber Falls, Steinbach, MB
  • Something Beautiful, Stonewall, MB
  • Timber Falls Store & Auto Spa, Steinbach, MB


  • Smoke & Fire, Kenora, ON
  • Snow Happy, Toronto, ON


  • Kadaizy, Langenburg, SK